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Natural bathroom design with a Mediterranean aura and unusual colour accents

Unusual bathroom design is achieved through the creative interplay between colours and materials. A natural décor draws inspiration from the Mediterranean style and combines classic shapes with modern elements. In a bathroom with a feel-good atmosphere, innovative technology offers comfortable and resource-friendly water indulgence.

浴室with bronze bathtub and pastel colour.


您是否灵感来自地中海的温馨氛围,您希望您的浴室功能natural furnishings with unusual accents? The spatial impact of a modern-designed or high-quality-renovated bathroom with a small floor plan is enhanced through the use of basic pastel shades. Walls in the delicate ochre of the sandstone and in light grey enhance the light effect offered by a small window and create a Mediterranean atmosphere. Light, large-format floor tiles form the unobtrusive basis for bold accents in bronze and dark brown. An intricate mosaic in a natural quarry stone finish creates warm contrasts at the wash basin and also in the form of a background within small alcoves. Linear bathroom furniture and the stylish alcoves offer space for the bathroom accessories and keep the interior uncluttered.

Innovative technologies for practical water indulgence in an unusual bathroom

A muted colour design makes the free-standing bath tub and the floor-level shower stand out in the room. The earthy tones mark out the indulgence areas in the bathroom, and accentuate the tranquil character of this customised place of retreat. The modern mixers from theMetris range用他们加强不寻常的浴室设计的个性clear, shiny chrome surfaces。在搅拌机体内,创新技术负责让您在舒适性并负责任地使用资源。

Modern mixer in a nature-oriented bathroom