Descale your shower head to keep enjoying your showers

如果你正确地滴下你的雨淋或淋浴,你可以继续享受你的阵雨很长一段时间。但“正确”是什么意思?本指南文章提供了有价值的提示。了解如何快速,轻松且轻松地从顶上淋浴,手淋浴或侧淋浴中删除LimeScale - 因此它总是看起来像第一天所做的那样有光泽。

Descale your shower correctly to keep it gleaming

Limescale deposit free hand shower from hansgrohe.

A high-quality shower head from hansgrohe is a guarantee of sheer indulgence in your bathroom. Clean your shower head correctly, and don't let limescale spoil your fun. It’s quite simple. The following maintenance tips and cleaning recommendations will help you keep your shower looking good and functioning flawlessly over the long term.


Using the wrong cleaning methods and cleaning agents can result in damage to your shower head. These are not covered by the warranty. Please observe the following recommendations.

The correct cleaning items:

  • 使用柔软的清洁布,但从不磨蚀的药剂如海绵清洁剂或微纤维布。
  • Do not use any steam cleaners, since high temperatures can damage the shower.

Suitable cleaning agents:

  • 仅使用温和的洗涤剂,例如那些基于柠檬酸的那些。
  • 不要使用含有盐酸,甲酸,氯漂白剂或乙酸的任何清洁剂,因为这些可能导致损伤显着。含有磷酸的清洁剂只能在有限的程度上使用。切勿混合清洁剂!
  • 切勿将清洁剂直接喷洒在淋浴,因为喷雾雾可以进入淋浴并导致损坏。
  • It’s best to spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, and use this to wipe the surfaces.
  • Thoroughly rinse your showers with clean water after cleaning, and thoroughly flush the shower head through with water.


Limescale deposit free hand shower from hansgrohe.
A practical feature: lots of hansgrohe shower heads can easily be removed for cleaning, so they can be thoroughly descaled.

在很多hansgrohe overhead showers, you can easily remove the spray disc. Often, this is dishwasher-safe too. This makes cleaning a minor issue that you can tackle with confidence.

了解有关适用于您的开销淋浴,手淋浴或侧淋浴的任何特殊提示,请参阅相关的安装手册. You can view and download this on the relevant产品页面.